Main dishes

Meatballs With Saffron Rice

This recipe I´m sharing today is one of my own favorites. Every time that I cook this meal I get positive feedback from friends and family and the great thing...  Read more
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Leek Soup

Leek soup is very healthy and easy to cook. It's not originally a Persian dish but it's a soup that is very popular in Iran and fits the Persian taste...  Read more
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Sides dishes

(Khiar Shoor) Pickled Cucumber

Pickled Cucumber is a known ingredient all around the world and like many other kinds of pickle is popular among Iranians, as a side dish...  Read more

Torshi limoo (Lime Pickle)

The small, round and bright green limes are originally from south west Asia. In Persian cuisine, dried limes are used in plenty of dishes. Here...  Read more

Torshi Kalam (Pickled Red Cabbage)

This colorful pickle is easy to prepare and makes a perfect side dish to variety of foods, specially meat dishes. Unlike other pickles, it does not...  Read more


Shole Zard (Saffron Rice Pudding)

The history of this beautiful traditional dessert goes back to several hundred years ago, when it was served only on special occasions like the Persian new...  Read more

Shir Berenj (Rice Pudding)

Rice puddings are known in nearly every part of the world, but the recipes vary in different countries. In Iran it is served as a...  Read more

Cake Sharbati (Syrup Cake)

This moist and tender cake is a real tea-time treat. It makes a perfect dessert for a cup of steaming tea. The syrup is made with saffron...  Read more


Gol Gav Zaban (Borage Tea)

Gol-gav-zaban (Borage) is a herb that originally grows in Iran and a few Mediterranean countries of west Asia, and its dried blue and purple flowers...  Read more

Chay (Persian Tea)

Tea found its way to Persia from India through the Silk Road and soon became Iran´s national drink. Iranians have one of the highest per capita...  Read more