Happy Nowruz 1394 Animation

I wish you all a happy new year (Nowruz). I hope you like this animation I made for this special day. In case you can’t watch the youtube video, you can directly donwload the animation file. Also, if you want to know more about Nowruz and the Haft-seen table I invite you to read my previous post.

About The Haft-Seen Table

Nowruz is the name of the Iranian/Persian New Year. It marks the first day of spring and the beginning of the year in the Persian calendar.   In ancient Persia every day of the month had a special name, for example: the 16th day of each month was called Mehr. Curiously, some of those names were identical to the names of the months, for example: the 7th month of the year was also called Mehr. In the Persian calendar whenever the name of the current day was the same as the current month, that day was considered a festival and people celebrated it. Following our […]