Beef Recipes

Baghala Polo ba Mahiche (Rice with Broad Beans and Lamb Shank)

Baghali Polow ba Mahiche is one of the most popular dishes in Iran, and is usually served at parties such as wedding ceremonies. The combination of rice with dills and broad beans is called Baghali Polow, and the fork tender lamb shanks which is served beside the rice is called Mahiche....  Read more

Khorake Loobia Sabz (Green Bean Stew)

In Persian cuisine there are plenty of dishes with beans such as Rice with Green Beans and Rice with Broad Beans, but one of the most popular one in Iran is Khorake Loobia Sabz or green bean stew. This stew is made with a mixture of beef, green beans, carrot, potato, onion and tomato paste. Green...  Read more
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Börek is originally a Turkish invention dating back to Ottoman empire. However, like many other Turkish dishes such as Doner kebab, Pide and Iskender kebab, Börek is popular among Iranians too. The reason might be that flavors in Turkish cuisine bear a resemblance to Persian cuisine. Börek refers to any dish made with Yufka (filo) dough. Filo is a kind...  Read more

Abgoosht (Lamb Chickpea Soup)


Abgoosht is one of the most traditional Iranian foods. It is also called Dizi, which refers to the traditional stone crock pots it is served in. Hundreds of years ago Abgoosht was made with lamb and chickpeas. However, later on when new foods such as potatoes and tomatoes were introduced to Iranian...  Read more

Khoresht Havij (Carrot Stew)

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Khoresh or Khoresht is a generic term for stew dishes in Persian cuisine. There are multiple different stew dishes in Persian cuisine and they are typically served beside rice. The most popular Khoreshs are Gheymeh, Ghormeh Sabzi and Fesenjan (check  their recipes and compare!). The recipe I am sharing here for the carrot stew is very...  Read more