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Baghala Polo ba Mahiche (Rice with Broad Beans and Lamb Shank)

Baghali Polow ba Mahiche is one of the most popular dishes in Iran, and is usually served at parties such as wedding ceremonies. The combination of rice with dills and broad beans is called Baghali Polow, and the fork tender lamb shanks which is served beside the rice is called Mahiche. These two parts served together make a sublime taste. The origin of this food dates back to Safavid dynasty that ruled Iran from 1501 to 1722, and the kings were served with rice and lamb shanks. Nowadays it is a frequent dish among Iranian families, but still served and treated like a […]

Shole Zard (Saffron Rice Pudding)

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The history of this beautiful traditional dessert goes back to several hundred years ago, when it was served only on special occasions like the Persian new year. Nowadays it´s a more common food in Iran, but still people tend to make it on special events and share it with friends or family. It might sound strange but in Iran it’s very common that some neighbor, that you may hardly know knocks on your door and gives you a big bowl of this delicious dessert. for free! This kind of free foods are called “Nazri“.

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Shir Berenj (Rice Pudding)

Rice puddings are known in nearly every part of the world, but the recipes vary in different countries. In Iran it is served as a dessert, but some people may serve it as a light dinner too. Here is the recipe for the rice pudding which is most common in Iran, Tajikistan, and Afghanistan.

Estamboli Polow (Persian Tomato Rice)

Estamboli Polow is a delicious combination of rice, beef, tomato paste and potatoes. Some say that its name is taken from the type of potatoes that were used in original recipe which were called Istanbuli. But you can use any other kind of potato and it will taste equally delicious. The recipe for Estamboli Polow varies from one region to another or even from one family to another. Some families make it with only rice and tomato, some add potatoes to it and some families add meat and green beans. In our family the kind with green beans and meat is called […]

Shredded Chicken with Barberry and Rice

In Persian cuisine there are some popular dishes of chicken with barberry rice such as Zereshk Polow served with Morgh (chicken) or Morasa Polow. This recipe I am sharing today is a mixture of shredded chicken mixed with barberry and saffron served on top of Persian rice. In fact it has the same main ingredients as Zereshk Polow, but it is much easier to cook and tastes delicious thanks to the generous amount of saffron in it. I have posted a detailed recipe for Persian rice before, so in this recipe I will only explain how to cook the shredded chicken mixture. […]

Pan Fried Chicken and Molded Rice

I believe that a considerable part of a meal’s flavor is determined by how it is presented. As you might have seen, most of the rice dishes on my blog are molded in different shapes. Since I posted the recipe for Persian rice, I have been receiving many comments asking about how to mold the rice into a certain shape. So at the end of this recipe I will explain the simple technique for it.  

Tahchin (Layered Saffron Rice & Chicken)

Tahchin is a popular Iranian rice dish of saffron-infused rice layered with a kind of meat (or vegetable), yogurt and eggs.  There are different kinds of Tahchins based on the ingredient which is layered with rice. The most popular Tahchin among Iranians is made with shredded chicken, and the other kinds such as beef, spinach or eggplant Tahchin are not widely known. The word Tahchin literally means “placed at the bottom” and refers to the rice layer placed at the bottom of the dish, which results in a crunchy outer crust.

Khoresh Bamieh (Iranian Okra Stew)

The word Khoresh or Khoresht is a generic term for stew dishes in Persian cuisine. There are multiple different stew dishes in Iran and the most popular ones are Gheymeh, Ghormeh Sabzi and Fesenjan (check their recipes and compare!). Khoreshs are usually served with Persian rice which I have posted its cooking method before in a detailed recipe. Khoresh Bamieh is a common stew dish in many middle eastern regions. In Iran it is traditionally from southern provinces. This recipe is for the Persian version of Khoresh Bamieh which is a spicy stew of meat and okra. Okra, also known as “lady’s finger”, or “bamia” is one of the […]

Chelow (Persian Rice)


Rice is the most commonly eaten food in Iran. There are two main kinds of rice that have a vast number of varieties in Iranian cuisine: Polow and Chelow. Polow consists of vegetables or meat cooked and mixed with rice that makes delicious and popular dishes such as Loobia Polow (Rice with Green Beans) and Adas Polow (Lentil Rice), whereas Chelow is a plain rice that is steamed and served beside different kinds of kebabs and stews such as Joojeh Kebab, Gheimeh, Ghorme Sabzi and Fesenjan. Rice preparation is like an art in Iran and unlike the majority of countries it is not only boiled, but also steamed and […]


Sabzi Polow Mahi (Herb Rice with Fish)

Sabzi Polow (herb rice) and Mahi (fish) is traditionally served for the Persian new year Norooz. Persian New Year is celebrated every year to signify the beginning of spring and most of the dishes served during Norooz holidays have herbs as a symbol of rebirth, and fish that represents life. There are other Norooz Specialty dishes such as Noodle Rice , Herb Omelette or Stuffed Fish that I have posted their recipes before. But yesterday one of my dear Instagram followers Hasti asked me for a recipe for Sabzi Polow Mahi, and since there is only one week until Norooz I thought it is the best time to do it. […]