Haleem (Wheat and Meat Porridge)

Haleem or Halim is a thick, delicious and high calorie porridge popular in the middle east and central Asia for centuries. It is also known for some other names such as Harees/Hareesa, Keshkek, Kichara or Daleem. The origin of Haleem is not definite. But, it is a star of Arabian, Turkish, Persian, Pakistani, Bengali and Indian cuisine. Even though the recipe slightly changes from one region to another, it always includes wheat and meat. People use different forms of meat (lamb, beef, turkey or chicken breast) to cook it.

This recipe that I am sharing here is the Persian Haleem, that is typically served for breakfast or during Ramadan month. This dish is slow cooked for some hours which results in a paste like consistency.

Serves 4 People
Prep time
Cook Time
3h 0m


  • 300 Grams
    pelted wheat, soaked in water overnight.
  • 300 Grams
    meat (lamb or chicken)
  • ¼ Cups
    chickpea *optional
  • salt to taste
  • cinnamon for topping
  • butter for topping
  • water


  1. Place wheat and meat in a large stew pot over medium heat, add 4-6 cups of water, bring to a boil for a few minutes, then reduce heat and cook for about 1-2 hours or until meat is tender.

  2. Once meat is tender remove it from the pot and separate meat from bones and shred into small pieces.

  3. Blend the cooked wheat with a hand blender or by pouring it in a food processor. You don't want to blend it too much, just until it has almost a creamy texture.

  4. Return the meat and wheat to the pot, mix well add 1 teaspoon salt and cook over low heat stirring constantly until it reaches the desired consistency.
    Serve warm in a bowl and top with cinnamon and melted butter.

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  1. Sabrina


    I love cooking and eating Persian food. This site helped me when in a pinch.

  2. Bahareh


    Can you make this with oats and turkey ?

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